t1 - pan control w js function
Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 05:14

This attempts to do the following:

Embed a pano using swfobject 2.1 and jumi.

Enable a group of js functions that can be used to load different panos into the existing window. 

It passes the following in the  first jumi argument used to create the initial pano:

 - controlling php file

 - [0] div id

 - [1] pano id

 - [2] original xml file to be loaded


In the second jumi argument we'll pass

 - php file with js functions defined

 - [0] div id so that it knows where to put the panos  --- puke --- this is wrong... need to pass the pano ID so that it knows what "stage" to load the new pano into.



First to do it without trying to call any of the additional panos.


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