multi pano multi php w jumi args take 1
Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 02:21

This uses jumi arguments to pass the following:

 - php file to use

 - [0] div_id

 - [1] pano_id (only used to make sure mousewheefix is applied)

 - [2] xml file

... and does so with swfobject 2.1


... but now does it using 2 different php files.  The first one includes the swfobject and mousewheelfix js includes... and is used for the first pano.  The remaining panos are loaded through a second php file that does not have the js included.

Still passing unique div ID's and pano ID's along... as well as the individual xml files. 


Pano 1


Pano 2 



Pano 3


Results: ahhh... success... at least in IE and FF... which will cover the majority of the users.  This format seems to make the most sense as well... only calls the required js files into use once - on the first pano - then each pano sits in it's own div name... and each pano has it's own object name.


This should be about the most basic format... all within 35 lines of the longest php file.


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