multi pano embed php w jumi args take 2
Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 02:21

This uses jumi arguments to pass the following:

 - php file to use

 - [0] div_id

 - [1] pano_id (only used to make sure mousewheefix is applied)

 - [2] xml file

... and does so with swfobject 2.1


Now, here's the next test... if the div id's are all the same... and the pano id's are different (xml's are different) then what will happen? 

Pano 1


Pano 2 



Pano 3


Results:  In firefox, all seems to be fine and dandy, but in IE, well, it pukes again and the wheelfix only applies to the first pano.


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Last Updated on Thursday, 23 October 2008 02:39