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Tuesday, 14 October 2008 04:08
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basic article format
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This is the second section of the article.  It comes after the read more break.



NOTE - The option to show / hide the first section (intro text) can be selected on either a global scale, or at the individual article level.


Why this is good to know...   areas like the "frontpage" and other "blog-type" article listings (where content is shown with the title) then you can have it where only the intro text is shown.  Therefore, you could right a nice short intro... instead of having the entire article fill up the space.

... also... you can write something in the intro... then when somebody click through to the article itself... the intro text doesn't have to show up.

One place this could work well... if you write a short intro and include an image... like a thumbnail... then only that shows up in the intro area.


Also useful if you are using other components (like slider / news headlines / etc...) that pull intro texts from categories / sections. 



This section is also on the first page of the article.  Below there will be a page break.


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